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Executive Producer, Head Writer, Director, Performer

My friends from high school and I reunited after college to form our own sketch comedy troupe called Boondoggle. Together, the three of us wrote and produced original sketch comedy videos for web. Although we all enjoyed making sketch comedy, our main project was writing, revising and producing a pilot for an hour-long independent single-camera sitcom. Combined, pre-production, production and post-production for ‘Mister Mayor – Pilot’ took about two years. Once it was completed, we organized a screening at Southern New Hampshire University and a couple of months later, we were invited by NBCUniversal to come to Los Angeles to pitch the show as Finalists of their Universal Cable Productions PitchFest 2016.

You can watch the Boondoggle sketches* here.

You can watch ‘Mister Mayor – Pilot’ here.

*I wrote all of these sketches, excluding “The Stove” and “Witches’ Brew,” which were written by Andrew Boutselis and “Easter Brunch,” which I co-wrote with Andrew. (There are also two sketches I edited myself: “The Well” and “New Slacks (Pop-Up Edition!)”)

Crowd Pleaser and the LA Rejekts Present: You’ll Never Work In This Town Again

Show Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Performer

During my final semester at Emerson, I put together an hour-long script of original sketch comedy for an independent study project, featuring some of my favorite sketches I’ve ever written as well as some of my previously unreleased sketches. To assemble my cast, I hosted open auditions and managed to recruit a diverse cast featuring players from various comedy troupes across Emerson as well as some students who were new to sketch comedy. Leading up to the show, I scheduled and lead cast rehearsals. I also promoted the show through social media and flyers around campus. Since no student had ever attempted anything like this before, I attracted the attention of the Arts Editor for the student newspaper, who arranged for an article about me and my show to be written in the paper to promote the show.

You can watch the entire show here.

Emerson Comedy Workshop

Writer, Performer, Director, Producer

Marketing Director: January 2013-April 2013, Vice President: April 2013-April 2014, President: April 2014-December 2014

You can watch sketches that I wrote, directed and produced for ECW here.

After Everything Else at ImprovBoston

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor

In the summer of 2014, I collaborated with Boston comedian Tim Brierly to produce a couple of videos for the After Everything Else late night show at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA.

You can watch the video segments here. 

Independent YouTube Projects

Parody of YouTube Tutorials